Project about American rappers

7 Nov

Heey everyone,

Im from the Netherlands, and im working on a school project about American rappers. Its really hard for me to get in touch with rappers, and i’ve got to interview them…

So could you please answer these questions when you’ve got time?

1. How did you became a rapper?
2. What does it mean to you to be a rapper?
3. Do you notice any difference between you and the  society?
4. Do rappers have their own language/words?
5. How can you recognise a rapper?
6. What does a normal day look like?
7. Do you feel like people judge you (because you are a rapper, and other people aren’t)?
8. Is there anything else that you think i need to know?

If you dont want to answer all questions, thats oke, i can understand.

I hope to hear from you soon =)

From Diana


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